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the moon and the stars and the whole nine yards.
lt. fields

Dr. Carol Marcus
U.S.S. Enterprise
Daughter to none, family to many.

Independent Carol Marcus RP blog set in the reboot!movieverse. Please check out the about page! Panfandom; tracking the tag ltcarolmarcus. Mun and muse both 21+


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star trek cast [9-10/?]

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Tell someone who cares.


[ She glares as he leaves, and when he’s finally out the door she knocks some… thing on his desk onto the floor. It’s childish, but still somewhat satisfying. ]

[ And now it’s back to her equations, trying to piece together how to get out of this awful parallel universe she’s found herself stuck in. ]

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ltcarolmarcus replied to your post: d…

[Main!Carol] That is a hurtful stereotype, Doctor.

A stereotype based on truth.


Your point?

It’s racist.

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{No matter what she thought, Leonard was capable of many things when pushed to a certain point, and Marcus always seemed to find that edge and shove him over it. Smirk embedded in his lips, he moved to straddle her slowly, knees on either side of her waist, before he replaced the scalpel’s blade onto her skin and let it trace a line down her throat before pausing above her heart.}



{He knew with one sharp press, he could slide the scalpel into her heart, and end this all in a matter of moments.}

I’d do it so quickly, Marcus, you’d have no chance to fight. To cry. To enjoy the thrill. Your life would be over so quickly, it would be as if you never existed in the first place…{The scalpel dug in, blood pooling to the surface of her skin.} One little slip and it would all be over.

[ Carol isn’t a threat to him, making her confident that she will walk out of here alive, if a little scuffed up. A throaty moan curls from her red lips and she arches into the blade, into him. ]

Then do it.

[ Her fingers run through the blood on her chest, smearing it into her cleavage as she bubbles into a mirthless laugh. ]

But you won’t. [ It’s practically a challenge, her words as sharp as the scalpel he wields. ] Because you fancy yourself better. Better than all of us.


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{His smirk only grew as he leaned over her, letting the blade dig in just enough to nick her skin and draw a drop of blood.}

You and I both know you won’t survive it, Darlin’.


[ He’s bluffing and she knows it. Carol shudders when the cold metal pricks her skin, a Cheshire grin spreading her lips. ]

Oh, will you make it hurt? S l o w l y ?


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Star Trek TOS inspired Magic Anons

(anon decides duration)
The Naked Time: the muse is acting intoxicated
Where No Man Has Gone Before: the muse is developing immensely telepathic abilities
The Squire of Gothos: the muse is suddenly all-powerful--and extremely childish
Mirror Mirror: the muse has a morality swap (i.e. good becomes evil and vice versa)
Amok Time: mate or die
Shore Leave: everything the muse wants/thinks is going to happen magically does
The Trouble With Tribbles: the muse is overrun by small, furry animals
The Return of the Archons: the muse is overwhelmed by blind spirituality and will believe nothing and no one if it does not come from their deity of choice
Spectre of the Gun: muse is suddenly in the Wild West
The Enemy Within: the muse is physically split into a good version and evil version
Arena: the muse is forced into a life-or-death struggle with (anon decides)
This Side of Paradise: the muse is in a state of total euphoria
The Deadly Years: the muse begins rapidly aging
Wolf in the Fold: the muse has been wrongly accused of murder, with enough evidence pointing to them to condemn
A Piece of the Action: the muse is convinced they are a 1920s gangster
Spock's Brain: the muse's brain is removed and while the body is placed on life support, the brain still functions
The Enterprise Incident: the muse is suddenly part of a different species (anon decides)
The Paradise Syndrome: the muse has total amnesia
The Tholian Web: the muse is stuck between dimensions and is unable to physically interact with the world around them, only visible for intermittent periods of time
Plato's Stepchildren: the muse is telekinetic
Wink of an Eye: the muse is stuck in a world where everyone around them is slowed to the point they look still
The Empath: the muse is able to feel the emotions of everyone around them and can absorb physical injuries
Whom Gods Destroy: the muse has become a shapeshifter
The Lights of Zetar: the muse has been possessed
The Way to Eden: the muse is obsessed with the idea of finding paradise
The Savage Curtain: the muse meets their hero, no matter who that may be
Turnabout Intruder: the muse is in the body of someone else, sharing consciousness (anon decides who)
The Motion Picture: whatever the muse owned is now in the hands of someone else
The Wrath of Khan: a person from the muse's past suddenly reappears to take revenge for something
The Search for Spock: the muse has to restart their life from infancy up to their current age with no memory of their previous life
The Voyage Home: everything around the muse has lost power
The Final Frontier: the muse must share their emotional pains
The Undiscovered Country: the muse is in the middle of a conspiracy
Generations: the muse gets the chance to undo their worst mistakes
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{Smirk pleasantly displayed on his lips, he let the scalpel slide into his hands as he closed the distance between them and pressed it to the skin under her chin.}



[ She doesn’t make a move to stop him, just arches her back and lets out a breathy giggle. ]

Let’s see those legendary hands, doctor.

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The only thing that’s going to be bleeding, Marcus, is you, if you don’t leave.


[ Still maintaining eye contact, she rolls onto her back and bites her lip in an exaggerated display. ]

Do you promise?

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“We didn’t get to spend a lot of time together…” That was the truth but Sam didn’t really want to rehash a story of how he and his brother haven’t really seen each other since Sam walked out of the house in Iowa, “I heard about the Captaincy, that’s good, Jimmy belongs in the stars…”

"He really does," she laughs, then asks, "And you?" while resting her head in one hand, "Where do you belong?"

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